Apple Not Nokia's Only EU Challenger: RIM Ascending

I'm always surprised a bit by RIM's success; the company sold 10 million devices in Q3 (37% growth outside the US). I'm not a BlackBerry user and so I've never fallen under the spell of the device. Others around me however love them.

But let's be frank, most RIM devices are not optimal for the Internet -- not yet at least -- and I don't think the keyboard is necessary. Many RIM "legacy" users will violently disagree with that assertion.

I understand all the enterprise IT love it gets and I now understand, I think, its consumer appeal -- with youth in particular.

Most younger users are still not as concerned about the Internet as they are about SMS and the RIM keyboard has tremendous appeal for them. (There's also been aggressive discounting in many cases with some of RIM's handsets.) Along those lines, this Tweet came from Simon Baptist in response to mine about the impressive quarterly sales:

Picture 54

But apparently RIM is gaining not just with youth but across the board in Europe according to The Street, which asserts that it's outselling Nokia handsets there now. As the market shifts from feature phones to smartphones, the problems that Nokia has had competing in the US start to become a challenge on its home turf as well.