Deutsche Telekom Wins Back iPhone Exclusivity

While the legal battle isn't over, the earlier Vodafone-driven ruling that required Deutsche Telekom/T-Mobile to cooperate with use of the iPhone on rival networks has been overturned:

T-Mobile, the exclusive distributor of the iPhone in Germany, had changed the terms for selling the combined handset and iPod music player to comply with the Nov. 21 injunction. The company said after the ruling that it will scrap an unrestricted 999-euro iPhone offer ($1,500) that it introduced to comply with the initial court order.

Consumers will now only be able to buy the phone under the original 399-euro offer with a binding two-year contract. After the end of two years users can have the iPhone unlocked so they can switch to other providers, T-Mobile said.

The ruling was issued by the Regional Court of Hamburg.