Europe Invests in Symbian to Counter iOS, Android

Almost all the major smartphone operating systems are from North America and the US in particular. Aside from RIM, iOS, Android, Windows and WebOS are all "American" platforms. The Europeans, always paranoid and mindful of having their own hedge against American technological hegemony, invested (€22 million) in Symbian (the "European OS") as an alternative: 

Under an initiative sponsored by the European Commission (EC), the Symbian platform was this week endorsed by the Artemis Joint Technology Initiative and specifically identified as a unique technology that is a vital focus for European-centric mobile software development.

As a result, the EC has granted €11 million towards the funding of the development projects proposed by the consortium. With matched funding (i.e. funding provided by companies in the consortium), this means a total of €22 million is being invested in the development of next generation technologies for the Symbian platform.

The group behind the investment "is made up of 24 organizations from 8 European countries." The Europeans were considering development of a common platform or OS as a counterweight to North American smartphone dominance. It appears this is the fruit of that conversation although the investment doesn't preclude a "from the ground up" effort in parallel.

They could potentially also customize Android and create a pan-EU version of it for carriers/OEMs operating on the Continent. 

With the Symbian investment they may be throwing their money away. It appears they're hoping to develop on an OS that isn't able to compete with iOS or Android in its current form. The response might be that a next-generation Symbian could be developed and give the Americans a run for their money. Though I'm not a developer or software engineer, I think that aspiration is very unlikely to come to fruition.

Nokia itself is apparently walking away from Symbian because it recognizes the OS's competitive limitations. Starting from scratch it seems to me would have been a better bet for Europe.