Facebook Mobile Numbers, Mobile Soc Nets Grow in Europe

At the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed some data about the site's growing mobile usage (summarized by AllFacebook):

  • 25 million monthly mobile uniques on a global basis
  • 4 million daily uniques (broken down by AllFacebook -- iPhone: 1.64 million daily active users; BlackBerry: 1.56 million daily active users; general mobile app: just under 1 million daily active users)

As I've said in the past, the iPhone app has made me a much more active Facebook user across the board.

Meanwhile, last week comScore released some new data showing strong growth for mobile social networks in Europe:

comscore social nets in mobile (EU)

In our past research, we found a year ago that 6% of respondents (n=789) in the US had accessed social networks from their mobile phones. The top networks were those that they used online, namely Facebook, MySpace, etc. The number today in the US is probably closer to 9% or so, consistent with the UK -- although the US is a much larger market.

If you look at the Opera data, social networks such as Facebook are always among the top sites visited. However mobile-only networks will have extreme difficulty competing with those that have established usage on the PC. A few may survive and/or be acquired but most will have to modify their content and emphasis to remain viable. 

Social networking unlike some "verticals" is a winner-take-all segment, with only a few sites able to compete at the level of scale necessary to succeed.