French iPhone Sales: Bien Sur!

Apparently iPhone sales in France, which were expected to be slower than the U.S., are going pretty well:

"We thought it would slow at the beginning of the year but we were wrong," [Didier Lombard, head of Orange parent France Telecom] told The Associated Press during a gathering at the Elyse Palace after a speech by French President Nicolas Sarkozy. Lombard said that sales are going "very well," but declined to provide figures due to the blackout period ahead of the announcement of France Telecom's full year results Feb. 6.
Orange said Dec. 5 that it had sold 30,000 iPhones in the five days after it went on sale in France. Lombard had previously said he hopes to sell as many as 100,000 of the handsets by the end of 2007.

At MacWorld, Apple CEO Steve Jobs said that the iPhone had sold 4 million units in the U.S. since it went on sale in June 2007.

Related: The iPhone's reach in the U.K. so far fall short of estimates: "The [Financial Times] says that between Apple, O2 and the Warehouse, only about 190,000 handsets were sold in the first two months against a target of 200,000."