HTC Android Vodafone 'Magic' Is Better than G1

In 2009 we may see as many as four or five Android phones in the market (from Samsung, Dell, HTC, others). But the only ones currently come from HTC, which early today introduced the Vodafone "Magic." The Magic/G2 has no physical keyboard but appears to be a leap forward from the G1 (it offers video also). It also looks sleeker and more polished too. 

There's no word on a US version right now. 


Here's a video that shows the device in action including its virtual keyboard, which still doesn't exist for the G1 in the US. T-Mobile recently introduced the G1 in Europe. However, depending on pricing, the Magic is likely to win and trump the T-Mobile G1 in a head-to-head competition.

In the US, the G1 doesn't seem to have won many new subscriptions for T-Mobile, although it gained a lot of press for the carrier and may have prevented subscriber defections to AT&T for the iPhone.

All operators will likely have their Android devices eventually (even multiple devices), much like BlackBerry.


Image above and video are from Gizmodo