Nokia Q3 Beats Expectations, Nokisoft Phones Debut Next Week

Nokia reported a Q3 loss of $94 million (68 million EUR) but that was better than financial analysts were anticipating. Shares jumped, accordingly, on the hope that Nokia's decline is now at an end. 

The company shipped 106 million handsets but only 17 million were smartphones. On a year over year basis, growth was off in most markets. In North America, Nokia's weakest, it shipped fewer than a million devices. However there modest growth in the Middle East and Africa and strong growth in India. 

 Screen shot 2011-10-20 at 6.58.13 AM

Nokia has bet the farm on Windows. Reportedly the first of those handsets will be revealed next week in London, on October 26. The handsets will apparently come in three colors and physically resemble the N9

Expectations are extremely high for these new smartphones, both for Nokia and Microsoft. If they're going to do well, Europe is probably the market to watch. It's unlikely that the initial Nokisoft devices will perform well in North America however.