The Pre Coming to O2 in UK, Google App Comes to Windows Mobile

Google's mobile app, with location, is now available for Windows Mobile -- the last of the major smartphone platforms to get it I believe. Microsoft has/had a very strong competitor in its own local-mapping client. I'm not clear when the Bing version comes out. Also, Windows Mobile 6.5 is supposed to include Tellme integration at a deeper level. We'll see what that's like when 6.5 actually arrives. Reportedly it's coming to 30 handsets before the end of the year.

Across the Atlantic, the Palm Pre is coming to UK carrier O2 next month, which has also been the exclusive UK provider of the iPhone. It's rumored that the iPhone is soon going to be available through Orange in the UK but that is not confirmed. Orange and T-Mobile are combining their operations in the UK to create the largest carrier there. 

But back to the Pre, unless the pricing is dramatically different vs. the iPhone (read: less expensive), there's no way that the Pre can compete with the Apple device. As a Pre owner I have grown accustomed to my phone, but I remain ambivalent and annoyed by many of the awkward aspects of the device. And there are many: 

  • Lack of virtual keyboard
  • Cramped physical keyboard
  • No predictive text, no spell correct
  • No voice control/interface
  • Lack of apps (which is improving)

Hopefully some of these issues can be addressed by software updates and some will be remedied in future devices.


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