Windows Phones Now on Sale in US, Sell out in Germany

Windows Phones are now on sale in the US market. In Germany apparently the handsets -- the HTC HD7 specifically -- have sold very briskly (initially sold out) and demand has been quite strong, exceeding expectations. According to

The high demand is not just confined to the HTC HD7 either. Vodafone Germany, who will be carrying the HTC Mozart and the Samsung Omnia 7 reports pre-orders are “exceeding expectations”, and were ordering increased quantities to satisfy customers.

Assuming the German experience is not atypical, Microsoft may have a hit on its hands. Certainly the distinctive UI will get attention and the smart media campaign ("get a life") has generated awareness of the new handsets. They're priced competitively -- even aggressively. You can get one for $149 through T-Mobile and, reportedly, $99 on Amazon with a contract (though I couldn't find that price). 

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