Report: N1 Sells 20K Devices in First Week

According to analytics provider Flurry, the Google-HTC Nexus One sold only 20,000 units during its first week. This compares to 60,000 MyTouch3G and 250,000 Droid units. The Nexus One had massive tech-industry buzz but not a great deal of broader public awareness.

Verizon spent millions on TV and traditional advertising to promote Droid, whereas Google has shown the handset on its homepage and is doing other online display advertising.However there has been no traditional advertising for the handset.

Here's the Flurry sales comparison chart, including the iPhone 3GS:

Picture 159

There has bee some negative publicity around the device as a result of some early connectivity problems and termination fees. I suspect sales will improve if/when it gets into the actual carrier stores. Marketwide, consumer interest in Android devices (owing largely to the Verizon campaign) is gaining. 

I now have one and while it's no "iPhone killer" it's a very powerful device with some very nice features (e.g., voice input/search) and nice improvements over other Android devices. I also have a MyTouch3G and the Nexus One is to that device as Lamborghini is to Honda. 

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