Google Offers 'Gestures' As Search Input

Google is experimenting with various ways to get queries and content into the phone that take advantage of native features of the mobile handset (voice, camera). Now comes touch-screen gestures as a way to call up contacts or content on the device:

Today we're pleased to announce Gesture Search, a new Google Labs application for Android-powered devices running Android 2.0 or above in the US. Gesture Search lets you quickly find a contact, an installed application, a bookmark or a music track from hundreds or thousands of items, by simply drawing alphabet gestures on the touch screen.

This is another innovation that recognizes the limitations and challenges of keying in queries on the keyboard. It also shows how the PC and mobile experiences are diverging, although gestures will be a part of tablet computers as they penetrate the market to varying degrees. 

Currently this only works for contacts, apps and other content resident on the device (as opposed to the Internet).