iPad Reaction Mixed: Some Impressed, Some 'Underwhelmed'

iPad: immediately there "feminine hygiene products" jokes. Some people are "underwhelmed," while others are impressed. I like it, but it's hard to know without holding one and actually using it. Here are the specs

Perhaps the biggest surprise of the Apple unveiling was the opening price point: $499 (unsubsidized). It looks like Apple got the message about pricing. There are actually three models (memory levels) and six price points, depending on whether you do only WiFi or WiFi + AT&T 3Gs. What's interesting here is that you can get 3G for $14.99 (250MB) or unlimited for $30 per month. 

So with a Skype, Truphone or Vonage app you basically have a $30 unlimited phone + mobile Internet device. While VoIP doesn't work that well over 3G (will work better over 4G) it's a pretty interesting scenario. 

People have noticed there's no flash on the device, which will be a disappointment to many users. However the virtues of the device are many and varied. It remains to be seen whether it's a hit, but I suspect it will be. 

With a keyboard and a mount it's basically a netbook replacement/alternative. It can also function as an Internet device in the kitchen with many and varied uses. Expect the universe of iPhone accessory makers to come up with some very interesting mounts (e.g., refrigerator?) and stands accordingly. 

More thoughts later . . .