Is the iPhone the Leading eBook Reader?

Analytics provider Flurry offers some very interesting data in its October Smartphone "Pulse." The company says, based on "a sample size of over 2,500 applications, 40 million consumers and 4 platforms: Apple (iPhone and iPod Touch), Blackberry, JavaME and Google Android," that for the first time book apps outstripped games in terms of new applications released:

In October, one out of every five new apps launching in the iPhone has been a book. Publishers of all kinds, from small ones like Your Mobile Apps to mega-publishers like Softbank, are porting existing IP into the App Store at record rates . . . The sharp rise in eBook activity on the iPhone indicates that Apple is positioned take market share from the Amazon Kindle as it did from the Nintendo DS. Despite the smaller form factor of the display, we predict that the iPhone will be a significant player in the book category of the Media & Entertainment space. Further, with Apple working on a larger tablet form factor, running on the iPhone OS, we believe Jeff Bezos and team will face significant competition.

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The eBook market is now real and will continue to grow as compelling hardware devices enter the market: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Sony, Plastic Logic, Samsung and so on. But with its huge installed base, now approaching 60 million globally, the iPhone/iPod Touch may turn out to be the most successful of the eReaders -- at least in the near term.