Low Awareness, Lack of Interest Plague BlackBerry, Nokia

It turns out that despite lots of media coverage and celebrity personality Alicia Keys as "creative director" most North Americans don't know about the launch of BB10. That's according to a survey commissioned by MKM Partners. The poll of 1,500 adult consumers (conducted during the past three weeks) asked about device adoption and future purchase intentions. It found, consistent with other data, much higher recognition and interest in Apple and Samsung. Others generally fared poorly.

The survey found that 51% of respondents owned smartphones, with 39% saying they bought their in the last six months.

Ownership breakdown by handset OEM: 

  1. 33% Apple
  2. 28.3% Samsung
  3. 9.9% LG
  4. 9.3% HTC
  5. 9.3% Motorola
  6. 4.4% other
  7. 3.4% BlackBerry
  8. 1.6% Nokia 

Current mobile OS:

  1. 55.1% Android
  2. 31.3% iOS
  3. 6.4% Windows Phone (higher than other surveys)
  4. 3.4% not sure
  5. 3.1% BlackBerry

Future purchase intentions:

  1. 44.5% “not sure” of next phone
  2. 19.6% said Samsung (Android)
  3. 17.7% iPhone
  4. 5.9% BlackBerry
  5. 4.4% Motorola
  6. 3.7% HTC
  7. 3.1% LG
  8. 0.7% Nokia

Asked about BlackBerry 10, 83% of respondents indicated they weren't aware of the launch. Asked about Windows Phones, 61% lacked awareness of the OS. When asked about interest in BB10/BlackBerry or Windows Phones the majority of respondents indicated indifference.

Not interested:

  • 68% not interested in BlackBerry
  • 63.9% not interested in Windows Phone

Separately investment firm Piper Jaffray conducted another wave of its research among US teens about device ownership and future intentions.


Notable findings include the following: 

  • 51% of surveyed teens owned a tablet
  • 50% owned smartphones

In both cases iOS was dominant. However Android has made slight gains in both smartphone and tablet categories since the previous survey was conducted last fall. And aggressive pricing, especially in the tablet category, may drive Android penetration up vs. iOS among younger users.