Microsoft Emphasizing Local in Live Search BlackBerry Client Promotion

There's an impending branding change coming to Microsoft's Live Search. But for the time being Live Search is still the Microsoft brand online and in mobile. And Microsoft is making its Live Search client app (with voice search) available on a broader array of BlackBerry devices including the Bold and the Storm.

I haven't been able to use it for awhile given that my WinMo HTC phone's touchscreen phone broke. However I like the Live Search app and used it when I had the phone. Until the Pre comes out I'm using an iPod Touch for WiFi mobile Internet access and a very low-end feature phone on the go. 

Here's a wacky site that showcases the local dimensions of the Live Search client for BlackBerry:

 Live Search for BlackBery

Separately, (AT&T) is the direct beneficiary of Microsoft's mobile distribution when local searches are performed: 

Live search Web