Survey: Early iPad Buyers Using Devices Almost 20 Hours per Week

NPD conducted a survey of 500 iPad owners and found that 13% had "bought an iPad instead of a PC, while 24% replaced a planned e-reader purchase with an iPad." Early iPad adopters, buying within two months of launch, are far more likely to own other Apple products (Macs, iPhones), which has already been well established by a number of earlier consumer surveys. 

Later buyers (post two months) owned Windows PCs less than the overall population too: "with just 53 percent of iPad owners overall having a Windows desktop compared to 75 percent of total households."

Early adopters reportedly used more of the iPad's features and do more with the device. Here's more from the NPD analyst's blog post: 

Satisfaction and usage:

  • Almost 80% of early adopters very satisfied vs. 65% of later adopters
  • Early adopters are now using iPads more than 18 hours/week; time is increasing
  • The top three activities: web, email, games


  • Lack of USB ports, which 51% of all users cited as top frustration¬†
  • Lack of an easy printing option and mutli-tasking (both addressed in November iOS update)

Favorite features/cabilities:

  • Portability of the device
  • WiFi connectivity ease/simplicity
  • E-book capabilities
  • Wide variety of apps