Survey Reaffirms iPhone Tops Loyalty Stack, Shows Weakness of Nokia, Windows & Palm

A globaly survey of roughly 1,500 mobile users by Zokem shows what many other similar surveys in the past have also shown: the iPhone and then Android have the highest loyalty and lowest churn of the smartphone platforms. The data also reflect the "vulnerability" of Nokia, Windows and WebOS devices. It's not clear, however, whether any of the new Windows Phones were considered in this survey. 

What the two figures immediately below reflect is the relative loyalty that consumers show toward the platforms included and their corresponding propensity to abandon them for other competing platforms. The order is generally inverted. In the first chart users show the greatest loyalty to the iPhone with Android second and Nokia's Maemo last. In the second chart respondents expressed a low likelihood of churn from the iPhone. The Pre and Symbian S60 showed the highest consumer inclination to churn. 

Picture 17

The bottom chart shows the inclination to buy the same type of handset in the future. Here Android beats the iPhone by a narrow four percentage points. Symbian S60 owners show the lowest inclination to buy another Symbian S60 device followed by Palm Pre owners, only 15% of whom would buy another Pre. There's little new "news" here but it's interesting to see more evidence of the OS hierarchy out there. 

Fig 3 Repurchase Behavior