Telmap Metrics Show Different Usage Patterns vs. US Data

Telmap, which provides LBS, search and navigation to a range of partners for mobile and in-car devices, released its first "metrics" report for Q4. The aggregated data are EU-centric and very interesting because they reveal some different patterns than have previously been reported in the US.

According to the report, here are the top "free text" and category or "POI" searches according to Telmap's data . . .

Picture 10

By contrast, in the US, the top five mobile search categories (according to our data) are the following:

  1. Restaurants
  2. Banks/ATMs
  3. Hotels
  4. Gas stations
  5. Mobile phone-related services

Restaurants don't rank as highly in the mainly European data from Telmap; and hospitals is a curious number 1 in the POI category. Hospitals don't show up on our US-based list until number 15.

Telmap's data also show heavy usage during the middle of the day. Most companies (e.g., Google) tend to report that mobile usage complements PC usage: largely expressed on evenings and weekends. It may be that Telmap usage reflected in the chart below happens during work breaks or the lunch hour, etc. But it's an interesting contrast with what we commonly hear:

 Picture 7

The iPhone is the dominant device accessing Telmap data.