Tracking App Store Growth, Downloads

Mobile analytics provider Flurry offers some insights and comparisons from Xmas day app downloads. The big story from this data is how downloads for the iPod Touch exceeded the iPhone by 172%. There are now more than 60 million iPhone OS devices in the market, roughly 40% of which are iPod Touch devices. The continued sales growth of the iPod Touch reflects its power as a gaming platform and, to some degree, demand for the iPhone experience without the AT&T contract.

Here is the Flurry comparison of iPod Touch and iPhone downloads on Xmas:

Picture 70

Flurry tracked November to December growth of downloads on Android vs. the iPhone/iPod Touch:

Picture 71

Here's Flurry's Android downloads distribution:

Picture 72

Flurry suggests the chart above reflects potential "fragmentation" problems that Android may face with different devices and different versions of the OS in the market. But from Google's point of view the most important fact is that there are many Android handsets in the market. Google services, featured on these devices, build loyalty and search volumes. Search is where Google makes money. But loyalty is just as important to the company.

Potential problems develop if new and better Android devices keep coming out in rapid succession -- as is happening to Motorola's Droid (only a couple months old) being undermined and succeeded by the forthcoming Nexus One. Consumer confusion and hesitation could result. But that remains to be seen.