YPG in Canada Launches iPhone, BlackBerry Apps

Canada's Yellow Pages Group has launched iPhone and BlackBerry applications. The straightfoward, though nicely designed applications -- I've only seen the iPhone app -- offer local business search, reverse lookups and people search. Location can be manually entered or found via GPS. Results can then be saved under "My Favs" or shared via email or SMS. 

There's also voice-based search, although I haven't been able to use it because I have an iPod Touch rather than an iPhone. I was also unable to get any results for the US market, which makes sense. 

YPG iphone app

In addition to yellow pages, Yellow Pages Group also owns Trader Corporation in Canada, publishers of vertical advertising directories and classifieds. It also owns and operates a range of Canadian cityguides (e.g., MontrealPlus.ca). Consequently the company has a range of "vertical" options and could develop other types of apps around restaurants and entertainment or some of its Trader categories. 

In the US, AT&T has developed several vertical apps (downloading one ties into the others), which represent a kind of back door into the YPMobile app. None are branded "yellow pages;" they're called Have2Snack, Have2P, Have2Drink, but they essentially repurpose other Yellowpages.com/YPMobile content and offer another way to drive traffic to AT&T listings and advertisers. 

 ATT Have2P

Unlike its US counterparts, Yellow Pages Group owns the "yellow pages" trademark so no other app developer targeting the Canadian market can use that term.