Leading Industry Analyst Firms Form New Service to Track Multi-Billion-Dollar "Local Mobile Search" Market

Opus Research and Sterling Market Intelligence combine expertise, resources to offer advice and consulting about Internet's most promising opportunity area; first report addresses "Speech-Enabled Mobile Search"

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., June 6, 2007 -- Two veteran industry and technology analysts joined forces to launch a new advisory service for participants in the fast-growing Local Mobile Search (LMS) marketplace. Opus Research and Sterling Market Intelligence apply their unparalleled expertise in search engine marketing, directory assistance, mobile services, wireless technologies and business strategy to provide forecasts, market intelligence and strategic assistance to a growing community of service providers, carriers, device makers, content providers and marketers.

"There is pent-up consumer demand for access to relevant local content on mobile devices," said Greg Sterling, LMS Program Director. "The market is just starting to recognize and deliver on this real-time communications opportunity."

The new service provides timely reports, commentary and quantification focusing on advertiser spending and marketing tactics, improving the user experience, monetization strategies, mobilizing social networks and related global developments.

Dan Miller, senior analyst at Opus Research, explains, "With 2.5 billion wireless phones in the world, portable handsets outnumber PCs by a factor of two. A new ecosystem has emerged to extend the Web's support of social networking, collaboration and commerce to the mobile masses."

The program's first report, "Speech-Enabled Mobile Search: Delivery Models for Information, Entertainment and Services," is now available for clients. There will also be a public blog at LocalMobileSearch.net (http://localmobilesearch.net/).

"The most important opportunity in this new marketplace is timely delivery of local content and geo-targeted advertising to mobile devices," Miller observes. "LMS clients will benefit from a 360-degree view of the marketplace growing out of Sterling's deep expertise in search engine marketing and Opus Research's complementary knowledge of directory assistance, carrier infrastructure and device capabilities."

About Opus Research
Opus Research was founded in 1985 by Dan Miller. He coined the term Conversational Access Technologies (CAT), and provides analysis, advice and forecasts for speech and call processing, Web services and real-time communications. Miller was the sole industry analyst at The Kelsey Group from 1994 through 1999 and oversaw the launch and implementation of advisory services in local online commerce, voice-and-wireless commerce and directory assistance.

About Greg Sterling and Sterling Market Intelligence
Greg Sterling is an expert on search and the leading analyst and expert on local search. His coverage historically has focused on the Internet's impact on offline consumer purchase behavior and the array of online platforms and sites mediating the relationship between buyers and sellers. Prior to joining the LMS practice, Sterling formed the consultancy Sterling Market Intelligence. In that capacity, Sterling has worked with all the major Internet companies and search providers, as well as numerous startups.

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