LMS in the News: The Economist - June 7, 2007

The market for embedded speech-recognition technology, which goes into mobile phones, car-navigation systems and so on, will grow from $46m in 2006 to $239m in 2011, says Dan Miller of Opus Research, a consultancy based in San Francisco.

An area of great interest at the moment is in that of voice-driven "mobile search" technology, in which search terms are spoken into a mobile device rather than typed in using a tiny keyboard. With technology giants Google and Microsoft getting into the picture, "we have the makings of very robust mobile-search capabilities," says Mr Miller. Microsoft acquired Tellme Networks, a voice-recognition company based in Mountain View, California, in March. The software giant plans to use Tellme's software to enable users of mobile phones and hand-held computers to search the internet using voice commands.

From the article, "Are you talking to me?" The Economist, June 7, 2007