Aloqa Adds 'Like' Button, Coupons, Widgets

Local search application platform Aloqa has added some nice new features and content to its Android app (and I believe iPhone app). I typically don't try and cover individual apps at this level of detail because there are just too many to keep track of. However I ran into Aloqa CEO Sanjeev Agrawal at the Google I/O developer event. He demo'd some of the new features launching today. 

Among them are the inclusion of the Like button from Facebook across channels and individual profile pages. There is also a range of new channels and content, including a integration with more to come.

He pointed out that, using the Android Widget Capability, users can create a homescreen widget for any channel of interest, including brands, fast food places and deals. Users can set notifications (for their phone to ring or vibrate) as well. Accordingly, you could set your phone to vibrate when, for example, you physically passed or were in close enough proximity to a Starbucks or local business with a coupon, etc.  

The screenshots below illustrate the new functionality. 

Picture 196