BlackBerry Apps Store Launches (See Correction)

There's no question that BlackBerry's new apps store, "Built for BlackBerry" is critical to the longer term success of the platform. However, right now it's critical for defensive reasons mostly.

The store has launched with roughly 75 apps, about 5-7 of which (by my count) are local or about place. The apps are organized into the following categories:

  • Home
  • News & Weather
  • Sports
  • Travel & Mapping
  • Games & Entertainment
  • Music & Media
  • Lifestyle
  • Finance & Banking

BlackBerry Apps Store

The arrival of the apps store should be a boost to several of the apps providers, including Poynt, one of the few local search apps currently. Yelp competitor and mobile social site Whrrl is also there. Interestingly Poynt is under Travel & Mapping, while Whrrl is classified under lifestyle. Apparently business listings are for travel but recommendations and friend finding are for "fun."

It's quite unlikely that BlackBerry will win many new users with its apps. Rather it will help retain users and may slightly broaden its consumer appeal. 

From everything that I've seen and from individuals whom I spoken with, the Storm is largely a bust while the Bold is a big hit. The Storm was in some respects an attempt to "answer" the iPhone and appeal to sophisticated users who are not in the BlackBerry camp. But for BlackBerry to truly gain consumer adoption it will need to build other new devices that move beyond its familiar enterprise comfort zone.


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The placeholder for the Windows Mobile apps store is here

Correction: I stand corrected. I'm not a BlackBerry user so I was unaware of the site above, which I'm told has existed for some time. I'm told the true BlackBerry apps store has not in fact launched yet.