Geodelic Creates Personalized 'Geobrowsing' App for New T-Mobile Android Phone

T-Mobile is announcing today that its myTouch 3G (G2) is coming out formally in August. As I've written it's a much better phone than the G1. One of the features I like quite a bit is the Google voice search capability in general and on Maps. I find that it's accurate most of the time.

One of the featured apps on the new myTouch 3G is called "Sherpa," a personalized LBS discovery tool. The company behind the app is Geodelic, which put out a release about the app this morning:

Created by Geodelic, in partnership with T-Mobile, Sherpa is a local discovery application that learns a user's favorite types of locations and preferences over time. The more it's used, the more it customizes itself to the user's taste, learning their likes and dislikes so it can prioritize recommended and relevant local retailers, restaurants and attractions. By combining a user's location and interests, with other contextual information such as time of day, Sherpa aggregates and presents contextually relevant, location-based information about the "real world" that surrounds a user at any moment.

Sherpa uses a learning engine called GENIE (Geodelic ENgine for Interest Evaluation) that automatically learns a user's favorite locations and lifestyle behavior. If a user eats out more than they shop, it modifies itself and tailors the experience to begin showing more restaurants and less retail stores. So no matter where a person goes, whether they are traveling or exploring their neighborhood, Sherpa prioritizes recommended locations and presents them to users.

Just as a browser allows Internet users to surf the web, the Geodelic application serves as a "geobrowser" for users allowing them to browse the "real world" through an interface optimized for a mobile experience. Geodelic's advanced technology searches the web, gathering the best public and proprietary information from sites like Yelp!, MenuPages, City Search, and a large number of specialized sources to supply the most complete content based on users' location and interests. The application's learning capability allows it to then automatically organize a user's environment by what is most important to them.

Accordingly, the app aims to present information to users, based on their location/context, and not require them to actively search for it (enter keywords in a query box and evaluate links). This is by no means the first app with such an ambition. Indeed, the interface and some of the features resemble those from other iPhone and Android apps: AroundMe, Earthcomber's mobile client, MapQuest4Mobile and Google's Places Directory. However Geodelic's Sherpa seeks to combine location awareness, recommendations, advertising and local data in a more comprehensive, "next-generation" sort of way.

I've spoken at some length with Geodelic founder and CEO Rahul Sonnad, but haven't yet used the app. So all of this remains abstract until I can actually test it out. 


The Geodelic site offers a video of the user experience and some of the ad capabilities.