Geodelic Extends White Label Strategy with GeoGuides

Geodelic launched as a consumer site but increasingly it's positioned as a location-based mobile platform for third parties. I previously wrote about this shift:

Now the company is developing what it calls "GeoGuides" for brands and enterprises, which formalizes its white label strategy:

  • GeoGuides: Present brand messaging, information, and offers at targeted locations to consumers in real time, as well as navigation to promotions, events or amenities.
  • Proximity Based Ads: Advertising designed to deliver information and offers based on consumer location.
  • Sponsored Discovery: Associate your brand or business with high value locations, placing marketers and their messages in relevant consumer environments.
  • Comprehensive Brand Guides: Marketers can curate location-based GeoGuides based on brand values and consumer interests.


This is a smart direction for Geodelic and I anticipate that it will be fairly successful for the company. Verizon has also reportedly invested in the company, which has raised roughly $10 million to date.

I also anticipate, with some new momentum in this area, that Geodelic will be acquired at some point over the next 12 months. It could well be by Verizon or an OEM. Geodelic competitor and conceptually similar Aloqa was just acquired by Motorola to help the company offer a more differentiated, location-based experience.