Google Makes Mobile Coupon Push

Google has had a big opportunity in local coupons that it has largely neglected perhaps until now. But now Google is making a push into mobile distribution of local coupons for small businesses.

According to the Google LatLong blog, when local businesses create coupons through the Google Local Business Center those offers will be shown automatically on Place Pages for local businesses accessed via mobile devices (smartphones). Accordingly, just like paid-search ads, mobile coupon distribution is an opt-out according to the FAQs on the site:

Your Google Coupons may now be viewed and redeemed via mobile phones.

When users search for businesses from their mobile devices, they will now be able to see your coupons from the device. Rather than bringing a printed coupon into your store, they will be able to show you the coupon, formatted correctly, directly on the screen of their mobile device.

If you don't want to distribute your coupons via mobile phones, just un-check the box on the 'Edit Coupon' page.

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This is consistent with Google trying to minimize or eliminate distinctions between the PC and mobile Web experiences, as well as leveraging mobile for additional distribution of PC advertising. 

We know from lots of our own data as well as third party research that coupons/deals/discounts are a very popular mobile advertising vehicle that consumers are highy receptive to