GroceryIQ (Finally) Launches a Website

GroceryIQ, which is owned by Coupons Inc., just launched a PC website -- I had assumed they already had one. Previously GroceryIQ was just a mobile app. But the new site allows cross-platform shopping list creation and adds considerable convenience and utility. There's also coupon-based email marketing as part of the package from partners/customers.

I write about it because this sort of cross-platform utility is what will win categories. Very few mobile-only sites will succeed over the long term. Or, if they do, they'll be scooped up (like GroceryIQ) and turned into something larger. By the same token sites that are PC based but don't have a mobile component will be similarly vulnerable over time to competitors. 

Screen shot 2010-10-14 at 10.43.52 AM

The GroceryIQ app has been downloaded more than a million times according to the company.