Krillion Adds Local Products to Nokia Point & Shoot

Local product data provider Krillion is behind a new barcode scanning/local shopping capability integrated into Nokia's Point & Find service. Krillion's retailer (mostly big box) data now enables owners of Nokia S60 devices to "point" them at the UPC barcode of products in the store or in the kitchen and "quickly locate nearby retailers that carry a specific item, determine current availability at each store, and compare prices."

Krillion provides this same data to dozens of sites online and is also doing something similar for the ShopSavvy mobile product search engine. There are a number of fairly obvious use cases for this capability. In addition, Krillion says that if there's no local product availability to display it will show the same item from an online store. 

Other local product inventory data providers include NearbyNow and Milo. Google is also working directly with retailers to offer a similar capability in mobile and online. There are several other companies beyond Krillion and the others above, which have "proxy" information for local inventory data (e.g., what's shipped from OEMs to stores, what's on sale or special in local stores, etc.). 

The larger point reflected in this announcement is that smartphone cameras and barcode scanners will be used to gain product availability information, pricing and reviews -- and eventually initiate to m-commerce transactions.