AOL Adds Voice to MapQuest4Mobile

AOL's MapQuest has added voice support to its MapQuest4Mobile iPhone app, which is free. It offers basic turn-by-turn voice prompts. In addition to Google Navigation and the now-free Ovi Maps with directions, this marks another nail in the coffin of paid-GPS devices and services. 

According to the updated features listed on the iTunes site:

  • Voice-Guidance speaks to you and informs you of upcoming turns. Change the settings if you prefer a sound prompt.
  • Off-Route Assistance tells you when you've taken a wrong turn, and gives options to help you get back on track.

Because Google Navigation (with turn-by-turn directions and voice prompts) isn't yet available for the iPhone, this app has a good chance to gain widespread adoption -- provided it gets sufficient promotion and word of mouth. 

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