MMA: 21% Now Using 'M-Commerce'

A report recently sponsored and released by the MMA shows that increasing numbers of US mobile users are engaged in so-called "m-commerce." The survey was conducted this past April. Here are some of the findings:

  • 92% of all U.S. adult consumers surveyed reported having a cell phone
  • Among mobile users, 21% indicated they made some type of transaction with their mobile phone within the last month.
  • 17% of mobile phone users purchased content for their mobile phones and 6% used coupons or discounts and purchased physical goods or non-mobile content or services.

Apple and RIM users are the most active in purchasing content or services through their handsets. Here's an age breakdown by commerce category:

Picture 5

The mobile Internet was the avenue most people used to transact. And "young adults, age 18-24 years, were significantly more likely to purchase content for their mobile phones using mobile web (74% vs. 48% overall) while adults ages 55-64 years were more likely to purchase content through messaging (63% vs. 30%). Consumers ages 35-44 years were most likely to use mobile applications to use discounts or coupons (63% vs. 39% overall)."

Picture 6

Deals and coupons were a huge area of interest according to the survey findings:

Consumers are most interested in using their mobile phones to use discounts or coupons (30%) and to purchase content for their mobile phones (26%). Asians and young adults, ages 25-34 years, stood out as those most interested to use discounts or coupons (38% and 35% respectively were “very interested” or “somewhat interested”).

These findings confirm and say at least a couple of things to us:

  • Using the mobile phone as a "wallet" or payment device will continue to grow among younger users first but broadly over time
  • Deals, discounts and coupons remains one of the most interesting and vital areas of mobile marketing