NearbyNow Powers Lucky Mag Shopping App for iPhone

At Internet2Go NearbyNow CEO Scott Dunlap demonstrated the new Lucky Magazine iPhone application that his company supports. The idea is to tie merchandise featured in the magazine to a rich mobile user experience that allows people to browse and find products in local retail stores. (Right now the products are limited to shoes.)

Users can shop by shoe type (trend), brand or color. The application relies on NearbyNow's inventory data and infrastructure to confirm the availability of shoes in local stores. Users may also shop online. The application will expand beyond shoes in the near future. 

This is a fascinating combination of traditional media (a magazine) with mobile (iPhone application). It extends the Lucky brand into mobile and also provides a connection between the pages of the magazine and the point of sale. 

Lucky shoe app

TheFind's iPhone application (which uses NearbyNow data) also provides the same functionality across a broader range of products. However, this application offers Lucky a powerful selling tool for advertisers that recasts the magazine as a dynamic "platform" for brands and products aimed at the Lucky demographic.