New Yahoo Local-Mobile Site: Discovery not Search

The mobile version of the new Yahoo Local is interesting in several ways. It combines events, neighborhood-level news and deals aggregated from several sources. It's a "local discovery" tool (in HTML not an app). Discovery is making something of a comeback or new surge vs. "search" among local site purveyors including WHERE, Bizzy -- even Google (with HotPot).

The online version of the new Yahoo Local has a search box at the top of the page that takes you into Yahoo SERPs. But there's no comparable search box on the new mobile site for Yahoo Local. The old Yahoo Local was an IYP-like site that was primarily about local business listings and reviews, as well as events and other content. But POIs and business listings were the primary focus. 

That's now gone from the new Yahoo Local and the mobile site. Perhaps it's a recognition that Google "owns" business name lookups and an attempt to appeal to users with a very different approach to local. 

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The domain "" redirects to the "old" (but currently running) Yahoo Local site. But when the Yahoo Local domain eventually kicks over to the new Yahoo Local will that mean business listings will only be available through Yahoo search? And what about all Yahoo's reviews content? Where will that end up or be displayed?

Yahoo has "Sketch-a-Search," which offers local business listings content on the iPad and in mobile. Also local business information is currently available via search on Yahoo's mobile site.