Report Ranks Yahoo Tops in Mobile Search Performance

Gomez, Inc. and dotMobi have come out with competitive benchmarketing of site performance for three categories on the mobile Web: search, banking and airlines. The criteria used and ranking methodology were as follows:

  • Discoverability - how readily a consumer can find the mobile Web site using different URLs.
  • Readiness - how well the mobile Web site renders on popular mobile devices.
  • Availability - the percentage of successful transactions or the availability of a Web page.
  • Response time - how long each page takes to download and the duration of an entire transaction.
  • Consistency - how well the mobile Web site performs on different mobile carriers, in different geographies and time frames.

Yahoo was the top performer in the mobile search category. Here are the complete results:


In the two other categories Bank of America and AirTran were the winners:

  • Banking -- Bank of America was the overall number 1
  • Airlines -- AirTran was overall number 1

As the five criteria above suggest, this study measured overall mobile web performance. The irony of this study is that dotMobi is a domain that will be almost worthless as more of the mobile Web is about "full HTML" and mobile applications downloaded directly onto devices.