Smartphone Owners Eager for Deals

Again and again survey data show that smartphone owners are especially interested in money saving deals and promotions. Compete's latest smartphone report simply confirms this.

Our previous survey data show that even larger numbers (43%) are interested in offers from local merchants. And there's data going back two years or more that show similar interest in deals and coupons in mobile.

The issue now is getting the coupon or deals inventory to people on those handsets. However that "infrastructure" is quickly evolving and developing.

Picture 156

The other piece of public data released by Compete shows daily usage patterns among smartphone owners:

Picture 157

Note that the concentration of smartphone usage is at home and during "downtime" or waiting, as well as during shopping. In short people are using these devices throughout the day. But these data suggest what people have been saying for quite some time that smartphone usage largely complements PC usage.

At some point dayparting will play a larger role in mobile advertising as more usage data become available and some "best practices" start to emerge.


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