WhitePages.com Offers Mobile Version Through Blackberry App World

After reaching out to mobile subscribers with some impressive applications for both the iPhone and Android, WhitePages.com has stepped up its aspirations for ubiquity. Two weeks ago, it launched a mobile Web site (http://m.whitepages.com) "powered by NetBiscuits", extending its reach to virtually any mobile phone running a Web browser. Today it launched a new application, "built from the ground up" and targeting RIM's Blackberries and available from BlackBerry AppWorld for $6.99 for six months of service.

The service is designed for mobile professionals and leverages access to WhitePages.com's database of directory listings into what we had referred to as a "Connectory" (as opposed to "Directory") by supporting:

WhitePages.com is clearly putting the emphasis on heightened productivity. Recent searches are saved for quick retrieval and contacts can be shared with Blackberry's email application.

The attention to Blackberry is well-advised. Recent statistics from NPD Group (as reported in MocoNews.net) showed Blackberry ahead of iPhone in terms of recent units shipped. Verizon Wireless's promotional efforts were given credit for various models of Blackberry accounting for three of the top five in a list of leading smartphones (with Apple in second place and the G-1 Android phone in fifth). On the flip side, the rich amount of data that WhitePages.com has associated with telephone listings and the flexibility WhitePages has exhibited in terms of working with the likes of NetBiscuits and RIM will keep its listings database in the critical path for all mobile subscribers with special attention to mobile professionals.