'Yellow Pages' iPhone App No. 1 in 'Navigation'

Avantar, LLC, publisher of the iPhone "yellow pages" app put out a press release that the app had reached number 1 in the App Store's "navigation" category. The release claims two million searches per month on the app. Yellow Pages is just one of several apps that use the "yellow pages" brand or metaphor, including YPMobile (AT&T). Interestingly most of the YP apps are categorized under different headings, including "lifestyle" and "productivity." In terms of popularity by category they largely don't compete "head to head." 

In Canada only Yellow Pages Group is permitted to use the "yellow pages" name, unlike in the US where anyone can use the term. 

Here's the list of most popular apps in that category as of this morning:

Popular navigation apps

Also popular in navigation is Say Where, voice-driven local search from Dial Directions and the Where app from uLocate. 

Here's the list of the most popular apps overall from Apple.