A Look at the comScore Mobile Numbers

Already widely reported, comScore released mobile numbers for the US on Monday. This follows last week's release of comparable numbers for Europe. The news that everyone focused on is Android's rise to 9% of the smartphone market. But perhaps a bigger story is the mobile Internet itself, with almost 30% of the US mobile population using a mobile Web browser according to the metrics firm. That's at least 74 million people today. 

Picture 140

Compare the firm's similar data for Europe:

Picture 88

And here are the US smartphone marketshare numbers:

Picture 141

RIM and Android are up, while everyone else (including the iPhone) are flat or down. Expect continued erosion in Windows Mobile's market share at least until Windows 7 handsets come out late this year. (Although on March 12 Microsoft is expected to reveal its "pink" phone.) Palm is all but dead and will suffer declining growth unless or until new handsets are released. 

BlackBerry is holding its own but as the mobile Internet becomes more central the the smartphone user experience the pressure is on the Canadian firm to improve, which it has vowed to do and taken a number of steps to do. 

As long as the iPhone remains exclusive to AT&T its share will be largely flat. And Nokia is MIA right now. Lower-priced smartphones may be its ticket back into the US market but the company is not competitive in that segment in the US at the moment. 

For the time being it's a three-way race between Apple, Google and RIM for the hearts and minds of smartphone buyers in the US.