Study: Mobile Lifts Brand Awareness

The large majority of brands aren't doing anything with mobile marketing. However, market research firm Dynamic Logic has found that mobile advertising raised brand recall, across a range of product categories, by an average of almost 24% for those exposed to mobile ads vs. the control group. The bump also translated into higher purchase intent and "favorability" ratings:

Picture 6

Source: Dynamic Logic (2008)

As Dynamic Logic itself suggests, part of this effect is the result of the novelty of the medium and its ability to grab users' attention. There's much less clutter and "noise" in mobile right now.

In a related vein, Nielsen previously found that mobile extends the reach of websites 13% over the desktop alone:

Picture 5

Separately Dynamic Logic found that 26% of users had accessed the Internet from their phones. Our recent study found a slightly higher number (29%, n=789).