Time Spent with Mobile Exceeds 10% Yet MMA Calls for Only 7% of Ad Budgets

The Mobile Marketing Association has conducted a study about mobile ROI whose chief recommendation appears to be that advertisers should spend 7% of their ad budgets on mobile. Currently average spending on mobile advertising is about 1% of budgets.

That's all fine, except that time spent with mobile (if that's the guide) is already in excess of 10% of all time spent with media. Perhaps the MMA didn't want to be too aggressive and call for 10% of ad budgets. 

The following chart from Mary Meeker indicates a 1% ad spent and 10% time spent with mobile media.

The next chart is from Flurry Analytics and relies on some of the same Mary Meeker data, but also Flurry's own app analytics and other third party data. It argues that consumers now spend 23% of their media time with mobile. 

Finally ad network InMobi argues that 27% of daily consumer media time is spent with mobile -- more than TV (which is doubtful). 

Accordingly, if one accepts these data as accurate, 10% is the floor and 27% the ceiling in terms of media time spent with mobile. According to most sources mobile media time now surpasses everything else except TV (and the PC Internet in some studies).

In that context it appears that asking for 7% of ad budgets seems like a very timid request.