Appcelerator 'Tools Up' with Aptana Acquisition

There’s a recombinant quality to the platforms that mobile developers can employ to build new applications and services. A case in point is Appcelerator’s acquisition of Aptana, which represents a definite upgrade by adding an “integrated development environment” (IDE) specifically for Web applications.,

Appcelerator has already lured over 1.5 million developers to use its flagship Titanium “enterprise-grade, cross-platform development solutions” to power more than 10,000 apps – which run “natively” on the most popular smartphones (meaning Apple’s iOS and Android-based devices) and desktop (meaning MacOS, Windows and Android). The acquisition of Aptana anticipates a shift from a three-tiered approach (where apps running on devices interact with apps and data residing “in the cloud”) to a two-tiered approach where apps running in the cloud are delivered “as a service” to mobile subscribers though a browser (most likely conforming to HTML5).

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