Check-ins Gaining As Tool for Networks, Shows

What started as a phenomenon chiefly in the real world has quickly moved into entertainment. Foursquare has done deals with Bravo and the History Channel and yesterday GetGlue announced a big deal with a range of TV channels and producers: MSNBC, Disney, HGTV, AMC and Discovery. The company already had deals with Fox, HBO, Universal Studios and Showtime.

Users checking in to shows will get Foursquare-style badges, which will later become physical badges or stickers ("collect 'em all") mailed to them. 

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GetGlue will make recommendations to users based on their TV check-in history, and will be used as a promotional tool as well as loyalty program accordingly. More broadly across its various entertainment and leisure categories, GetGlue is trying to build what it calls the "taste graph." 

Beyond the interesting use of check-ins and game dynamics/loyalty to promote TV viewing is the growing phenomenon of the mobile-TV connection. This marks the true arrival of what used to be called "interactive TV."

In the US American Idol was the first to do this with SMS voting. Others have experimented with QR codes on TV.  And some TV producers have also experimented with Twitter.

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We'll only see more of this mobile-TV integration to create engagement as well as incentives to show up for TV programs in this era of fickle viewers and waning and diffused attention. 

Here's more on GetGlue: 

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