Chitika: iPhone May Breach Android's Fortress Verizon

The question of the iPhone's impact on Android at Verizon is now being widely debated. There was a note that came out from Canalys arguing that a VZW iPhone won't slow Android in the least. Maybe not because of Android's wide distribution and the absence of much additional competition (save RIM).

However ad network Chitika put out an interesting chart that shows most Android traffic/impressions (on its network) in the US are coming from Verizon handsets. Verizon is the largest Android carrier in part because of its popular/successful Droid line (driven by advertising). Chitika's research director Dan Ruby points to the fact that AT&T only has 2% of Android traffic and wonders whether it has to do with the iPhone. 

The answer is partly "yes" and "no." AT&T was somewhat late to the Android party and hasn't promoted the handsets as aggressively as the other US carriers because it had the iPhone. But it may also be true that the iPhone is such a draw for AT&T subscribers that Android suffers by comparison. 

Android has some very nice handsets and we're unlikely to see an immediate shift to the iPhone at Verizon. But there will certainly be some would-be Android buyers that will choose the iPhone instead. At the end of Q2 the picture will be much more clear.