Distimo: Android Market Has Most Free Apps

Distimo put out its monthly survey of the various smartphone apps marketplaces. It contains data about application pricing and identifies the top apps on all the different smartphone platforms.

Interestingly, Android has the highest percentage of free to paid apps of the major platforms.

A couple of other things caught my eye in the report. First Yellowbook continues to have a top-performing app on Android. I was also struck by the mix of the iPad's top apps. They suggest that people don't think of it as a true mobile device, in the same way as their smartphones. The top free and paid apps, according to Distimo, suggest that it's being used in many ways like a PC and/or as personal entertainment device.

 Picture 14

Top Android free apps:

 Picture 17

Top iPad apps, free and paid:

Picture 16

Picture 15

Looking at the top free and paid iPad apps makes the device look very different, in my mind, than a smartphone -- and also different than a PC. 


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