Facebook's 100 Million Mobile Users

Officially there are 400 million people on Facebook around the globe. Of that number 100 million are "active" mobile users, meaning they access Facebook on mobile devices. According to the Facebook blog post announcing the milestone:

This usage happens on almost every carrier in the world and comes less than six months after we announced 65 million people on Facebook Mobile.

The company overshadows all other "mobile social networks" (but see GroundTruth's assertions to the contrary). In my view it has forced mobile-only social nets such as Loopt to change their models. In order to survive as a "social network" in mobile, you either need to bring a "built-in audience," as with Facebook itself (or Yelp), or offer some utility or novelty that Facebook itself does not. Examples of the latter category include Aardvark or FourSquare. 

However the generic term "social network" will likely diminish in mobile because of Facebook's dominance. Companies will want and need to position themselves somewhat differently to avoid direct comparisons.

The following are comScore data regarding Facebook's PC metrics and performance for full-year 2009. 

Picture 16

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