Firefox Comes to Android with Sync

Mozilla announced that Firefox for Android (beta) was available for download -- though it's not in the Android market. But you can get it by scanning the barcode below. Because Android is growing so rapidly Firefox could ride on its coattails and potentially, eventually become the leading mobile browser.  

Firefox Sync is a major differentiator over other browsers -- though Opera has a similar feature -- because so many people use Firefox on the PC: 

Firefox 4 Beta includes Firefox Sync to create a seamless Web browsing experience between desktop and mobile. With Firefox Sync, you can take your browsing history, bookmarks, tabs, passwords and form-fill data with you anywhere so you never have to retype passwords or long URLs again. Your Firefox data is completely encrypted end-to-end between your computers so that only you have access to it. 

Screen shot 2010-10-08 at 9.29.45 AM

Firefox could also benefit Android (vs. the iPhone) because enough people might be drawn to Sync and the convenience it offers. Firefox offers "Home" on the iPhone but it's not a full browser.

I just started using it and so don't have a well-formed opinion about Firefox for Android. However I like the side tabs that enable you to move quickly through open pages. I also like easier access to bookmarks (vs the native Android browser). It also has pinch and zoom, which Opera does not (but it working on).

The one immediate flaw I noticed was that page fonts don't render properly. However this is a beta and that, as well as other issues, will likely be addressed in the next release.