In Mobile "Risk" Apple Owns Europe, America and OZ, Symbian Controls Asia and Developing World

Royal Pingdom put out one of its frequent Statcounter-based data reports that shows a fascinating geographic breakdown of mobile Web traffic by operating system (not handset units sold). Here's what the analysis finds: 

  • The two dominant mobile Web platforms are are Apple and Symbian. Apple dominates in North America, Europe and Australia
  • Nokia controls Asia, Africa and South America. Symbian is weakest in North America
  • Android's strongest markets are South Korea, Austria, Denmark, Taiwan, Slovenia and the US. But the OS doesn't dominate in any single country except South Korea. 
  • RIM is the dominant mobile Web platform in the Dominican Republic. BlackBerry also drives a considerable share of mobile Web traffic in Guatemala, the UK, Colombia and El Salvador.

Again this is share of Web traffic seen by the mobile OS -- not units sold.