Nuance Wants to Speechify iPhone, Android Apps

Google has speech enabled every text field on Android devices and the speech recognition is generally good. However speech is more selectively available on the iPhone. Now speech purveyor Nuance is releasing a mobile SDK ("Dragon Mobile SDK") that will enable developers to speechify their apps for iPhone and Android simply and quickly:

NMDP members gain access to a robust mobile development portal that delivers everything from full access to Nuance Mobile SDK's, training materials, user support forums and more - to assist you in building an innovative app that will help you keep your current app fans happy and help you win some new app fans through the cool new app functionality! Plus – there are more eight different languages you can speech-enable your app for including US and UK English, European Spanish, European French, German, Italian and Japanese---with even more languages on tap for 2011! And if it is text-to-speech (TTS) functionality that you seek, look no further---our TTS capabilities cover more than 35 languages!!!

We would anticipate that developers and publishers will widely adopt the Nuance free speech tools to provide additional search or form-filling options for their users. Nuance says it only takes "minutes" to enable. 

I've been using the FlexT9 Android keyboard from Nuance and the speech recognition, plus other features, are excellent.