People Are Scanning but Are They Succeeding?

Scanning and image-based input are great, but we're still in the "1.0" era. Scanning works well only part of the time for me and that's what I hear from others as well. Often the scanner can't get a fix on the code or if it does there may not be any data to provide an answer. Yet lots of people are scanning away, according to data released by Scanbuy.

The underlying scanning technology is open-source and it's getting better. Plus the datasets are improving too. In a couple of years the promise of visual search and barcode scanning will be realized I'm sure. For now it's a mixed experience at best.

In the meantime here are some of the more interesting data from the latest ScanLife Mobile Barcode Trend Report:

 Picture 11

Picture 13

Picture 12

Barcode scanning will very soon be a commodity; so features and data will become the critical differentiators among scanning apps.