Video vs. TV on Mobile Phones

I remain quite skeptical of the potential for mobile TV in the form of an "upsell" to subscribers. Video on mobile devices is a different matter however. People are watching video to varying degrees and will do so in increasing numbers over time.

In the US the iPhone leads the way; almost 40% of current owners watch video. Then again the device is intended as a video iPod. Other phones, such as LG, Samsung and HTC devices will catch up, not to mention the Blackberry Bold and the forthcoming "Thunder." But improved user experiences and video quality won't necessarily translate into mobile TV subscriptions.

Now SlingMedia has adapted the Slingbox for the iPhone so that one can watch one's home TV on the device. It's not going to be available to the public for awhile. But it offers a glimpse into what may become a very popular app for the Apple device as people access their home programming on the phone.

However, paying for a mobile TV service (such as AT&T's MediaFLO) is still a pipe dream for US carriers.